We remain true to our primary business of managing and supporting databases while also recognizing that the customers we serve have unique needs. Our expertise and DBA service offerings deliver the combination of flexibility, reliability, security and performance your organisation demands.

conix Labs provides expert database management services for Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 and MongoDB database environments with an unmatched level of service, support and affordability. By combining strong tools and processes, we are able to create cost containment and superior access to our DBA experts in the delivery of our database management services.

  • Professional Oracle experts from across the globe
  • Continuous proactive support and maintenance
  • Database Governance and Security
  • Ready with complete backup and recovery services
  • Highly configured systems to adhere to latest technologies
  • Upgrading to current technologies and patch updates
  • Varied types of reports in-line with all current data
  • Built-in analytics with no expensive add-ons
  • Data Migration Support and Implementation
  • Data management both on location and on cloud, making it easier for the clients to take advantage of the cloud with the present system
  • Compatible across various platform

Databases :

Our services support a wide range of technologies including Oracle, MySQL, NoSQL, SQL Server, Sybase, UDB, DB2, Teradata.

Oracle :

Our Oracle DBA and System administration services have been utilized efficiently across the globe backed with the assurance of our continuous support. Our cost effective Oracle Solutions will work for you across various platforms -Linux, UNIX and Windows.


Our MySQL DBA expert team works towards your goals and help you achieve them faster. We offer solutions through MySQL community edition (free), MySQL Standard Edition, MySQL Enterprise Edition and MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition.

MySQL managed services can run across various platforms including Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Solaris, etc. providing you with complete flexible solutions.


We accept that when business grows, eventually the data volume increase with it. Managing huge data with regular tabular representations, used in relational database, is not an easy task and effective enough to continue with our business growth. NoSQL comes to rescue, for an effective fast business growth. NoSQL databases are increasingly used for real-time web applications. It not only supports SQL but SQL type query languages.

NoSQL can be thought of as distributed, non-relational, open-source and horizontally scalable. This approach includes simplicity of design, and finer control over availability. Based on data model, each category under NoSQL supports different databases.

  • Column: Accumulo, Cassandra, Druid, HBase, Vertica
  • Document: Clusterpoint, Apache CouchDB, Couchbase, MarkLogic, MongoDB, OrientDB
  • Key-value: Dynamo, FoundationDB, MemcacheDB, Redis, Riak, FairCom c-treeACE, Aerospike.

OrientDB :

  • Graph: Allegro, Neo4J, InfiniteGraph, OrientDB, Virtuoso, Stardog
  • Multi-model: OrientDB, FoundationDB, ArangoDB, Alchemy Database, CortexDB

Based on the client’s volume of data, one or the other above options can be implemented. For e.g. in a blogging application, one might choose to store comments within the blog post document so that with a single retrieval one gets all the comments. Thus, in this approach a single document contains all the data you need for a specific task. We can make use of Mongo DB database that comes under Document model.

SQL Server :

Our SQL Server managed services provides high sustainability with rich support. With this our professional DBA team delivers breakthrough performance to accelerate your business and stay in line with this ever growing competitive market upgrading your systems with new transformational features.

Sybase :

Our well-equipped Sybase experts adhering to your business norms are capable of creating customized database management system ensuring data integrity and security. Sybase database management system can also be internally connected to work with other database systems for better linking and access. We also provide accessibility of data from remote location or from mobile device if required.


This is a database server product designed by IBM for LUW environment. The DB2 LUW product runs on multiple Linux and UNIX distributions, such as Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, AIX, HP/UX, and Solaris, and most Windows systems. The DB2 UDB addresses with database problems, gives performance tuning, memory usage with regular maintenance and support.

Our DB2 experts analyze, recommend and give full support to your business requirements strengthening your growth. We offer customized support systems, cutting costs yet maintaining productivity. Our DB2 UDB database services include:

  • Performance tuning
  • Memory Usage
  • Upgrades
  • Development
  • Health Check
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Install, configure and maintain DB2 in your Virtual Machines
  • Data Migration Support
  • Data SQL replication
  • Database partitioning feature
  • OLAP orientated column-organized tables
  • Data sharing clustering of the database to maintain scalability and resilience.

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